“David Blackmore’s Fullblood Wagyu is light years ahead of any other Wagyu product in Australia. It is beyond good and I did some tastings of all our beef with food media in Melbourne and will be doing the same in Sydney late September. The Melbourne folks loved it and could really see how fine and delicate it was, not just fatty and greasy like all the other Australian Wagyu. Plus our dry aging takes it to another level. I can’t put it more simply than to say if David didn’t produce these amazing animals I would not serve Wagyu on the menu at the Rockpool Bar & Grills.”

Neil Perry, Rockpool - Melbourne, Australia

“Australia has the best beef in the world. You’ve got Wagyu in Japan of course, but that’s a very specific type of beef. In Australia, there’s a huge range of beef, grass-fed and corn-fed. There’s great beef from Tasmania and there are great people like David Blackmore. I’ve seen how good it is and it really ups the ante.”

Heston Blumenthal, The Fat Duck - Berkshire, United Kingdom

“We have just completed a blind test between Blackmore Wagyu Beef and a Japanese supplied Wagyu, and I am pleased to tell you that we had a difficult time telling them apart. Bravo!!”

Thomas Keller, French Laundry - Yountville, USA

“David Blackmore is not only the leading Wagyu producer in Australia, but possibly the leading Wagyu producer outside of Japan. What can you say? Blackmore is in a league of its own. I’ve eaten Wagyu all around the world and this is on a par with some of the best in Japan. Perfection.”

Matt Moran, Aria - Sydney, Australia

“I would love to make Rockpool Bar & Grill, Melbourne one of the very best steak houses in the world. We will have a brilliant procurement program for every piece of produce that comes in the door. The big heros will be grass fed meat, Wagyu and dry aging. Without Blackmore Wagyu Beef on board I don’t see how I can run with the Wagyu component, and say I have the best in the country.”

Neil Perry, Rockpool Bar & Grill - Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Australia

“I think the best possible ‘last meal’ would be based around Australian produce. In my mind we are blessed to have some of the finest produce in the world available right on our doorstep. For starters I would have Coffin Bay Pacific oysters and then some Western Australian scampi, followed by David Blackmore Wagyu beef with Western Australian truffles and finish with some lovely summer stone fruits such as mangoes, white peaches and nectarines.”

Matt Moran, Aria - Sydney, Australia

“We appreciate the well-balanced marbling, fine texture, finesse and flavour of David Blackmore’s Wagyu. We prefer the Blackmore Wagyu over other Wagyu.”

Ignatius Chan, Iggy’s - Singapore