Grass Feeding

The Blackmore Mishima cattle are raised on our special pasture which contains the forage herbs; Plantain and Chicory. These herbs allow the animals to obtain their complete range of nutrients naturally, and aids in maintaining general animal health.

Plantain and Chicory species are widely used in traditional medicines around the world. They contain a range of biologically active compounds, many of which have been scientifically studied providing a sound basis of medicinal use. This feeding gives the Mishima beef the distinct texture and quality of Wagyu with the earthy flavour of grass fed beef.

The Mishima are fed a non-grain supplement to maintain a nutritional quality of their daily feed intake. This is due to the unpredictability of pasture nutritional value due to seasonal fluctuations.

This unique breed has the ability to produce a high marble score from pasture feeding, with Blackmore Mishima achieving grading scores of 9 and 9+ (AUS-MEAT Australian Standard), with the meat and fat colour of traditional grass-fed beef.