The Blackmore Wagyu breeding program selects the best genetics to suit Australian conditions and ensures that every Wagyu animals’ breeding partner is individually matched using accurate performance data.

Our careful breeding program combines Japan’s three most famous Wagyu bloodlines; Itozakura and Kikumidoi to increase size, fertility and robustness. We use Japan’s most famous Wagyu cow, Kikutsuru, and her equally famous Wagyu sons, Tanifukudoi and Dai 2 Yasutanidoi to increase carcass quality, which covers all quality traits and not restricted to marbling alone. The third bloodline is our exclusive Okudoi 100% Tajima cow family. This family is a descendant from the only 100% Tajima cow ever to be exported from Japan, Kinu 1. These bloodlines allows us to produce Wagyu that can be farmed and raised to their genetic ability.

The genetics of the Blackmore Wagyu herd can be traced through parent verification using DNA certification, while the registered Japanese ancestry can be traced through nose prints collected by Japanese breeders, a similar concept to that of a fingerprint.

Our genetic information plays a vital role in delivering a high quality product and is therefore protected information. If you would like access to this information please contact us.