Blackmore Wagyu Beef has the goal to change the way we produce our Wagyu to set a new benchmark in animal welfare and sustainability. We are three years into a five year project to create a new standard, called eco-feeding®, which will deliver a single standard and be the benchmark for on-farm feeding and animal production.

Eco-feeding® is a multi-faceted standard that includes animal welfare and husbandry, environmental management, nutrition, food safety and product integrity.

Our cattle are raised on their mothers until they are weaned. After weaning our animals have access to pasture and fed our supplementary ration for 600+ days.

Our secret feed ration is fully sustainable with natural feed commodities that are not usable for human consumption. Our objective is to feed our Wagyu animals natural commodities that are by-products of human food production.

Our eco-feeding® standard ensures we have control over the environment in which the animals are raised, their humane management and welfare. The eco-feeding® standard implements the maximum standards for animal production, far exceeding industry requirements.