Blackmore Wagyu uses unique farming methods; combining old world Japanese farming, with new, technically sound scientific methodologies. This combination contributes to the improvement in both the meat and the quality of the animals’ lives.

David Blackmore’s innovative approach to Wagyu farming, expanding 25 years, has led to the introduction of best practices and quality assurance schemes outside those recommended by Australian regulatory bodies. These practices and schemes involve areas of, but not limited to, animal welfare, land quality, water efficiency, and climate variability.

The Blackmore Wagyu farm is situated in the Victorian high country, at Alexandra. The location was specifically selected for its natural lagoons and old river red gums allowing the cattle to be bred in a natural, clean and sustainable environment.

Our Wagyu calves are raised naturally on their mother’s milk and pasture for the first 6 months, which is both natural and healthy. At 6 to 10 months of age animals are fed on an irrigation pasture and introduced to a non-grain ration. They are either selected for our breeding program or enter our eco-feeding® process.

Every Blackmore Wagyu animal is recorded in our custom built database. Information collected includes, but is not limited to;

  • full animal lineage that can be traced back more than 70 years,
  • birth date, weight and sex,
  • average daily weight gain from birth to slaughter,
  • average daily feed consumption,
  • full traceability of movements, and
  • all animal health checks and treatments.