Blackmore Wagyu animals are processed at G&K O’Connor in Pakenham, Victoria. The O’Connor processing facility is a family owned business that has uncompromising standards for food safety with the following accreditation’s;

  • AUS-MEAT A+ Accreditation
  • European Union Licensed Est.1265
  • United States Licensed USDA
  • AQIS MSQA Accredited
  • Halal Accredited

Blackmore Wagyu uses the AUS-MEAT grading system for all carcasses with independent AUS-MEAT graders assessing every carcass to ensure the quality and consistency of the Blackmore Wagyu brand.

All grading is conducted at the AUS-MEAT recommended site of the 10/11th rib between the Cube Roll and Striploin.

Every Blackmore Wagyu carcass has the following AUS-MEAT characteristics graded;

  • Marbling 0-9 (if grading exceeds 9 it is considered a 9+)
  • Meat colour
  • Fat colour
  • Eye muscle size
  • Rib depth